Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser Type DSP

27.01.2021 New products

The hand sanitizer and soap dispenser has a robust design made of galvanised steel with powder coating in hammer-finished antique silver. The foot...

Mini Containers with Drop Away Base Type MSB

30.03.2020 New products

A smaller version of our best-selling Container with drop away base - ideal for use in limited space

Hazardous Materials Depot GD-E/IBC-2

30.03.2020 New products

Storage of max. 4 x 200 litre drums or 1 x 1000 litre container (IBC) or 200 l drums in combination with 60 litre drums and/or canisters and small...

Mobile Sump Tray with Perforated Tool Board LPW 200-4

30.03.2020 New products

Dispense oils etc. from 60 or 200 litre drums, wherever necessary - mobile, safe, simple

Access Safety Platform Type MB-II

01.10.2018 New products

Can be picked up by a forklift either broadside or lengthwise (narrow base); "stop" plates block the fork pockets not in use.

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